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Delta Career Education

Delta Career Education Corporation operates for-profit, post-secondary schools that offer career-focused degrees in high-demand industries.

The career education corporation operates eight education centers across the U.S.—including Berks Technical Institute, McCann School of Business and Tucson College— providing administrative provisions in the areas of accounting, financial aid, financing, systems development, strategic planning and budgeting.

Delta approached Dynamic Enterprise Services while running an outdated instance of Microsoft Dynamics GP, and seeking to increase their campus’ productivity.

DES installed a new instance of Microsoft Dynamics GP, which included multi-entity management and integration with ReqLogic software.

This allowed us to collapse 30+ physical databases into a single database that housed all Delta entities.

With this installation, we gave Delta a Single Inventory Master, a Single Vendor Master, Automatic Intercompany between entities, a greatly reduced Database Administration, greatly reduced End-User Administration, and allowed for the creation of a Centralized Shared-Services Function at the corporate headquarters for Procurement, Inventory Management and Vendor Management.

We instituted controls over vendor invoice approval and requisition management, which greatly increased visibility and control over expenditures.

Implemented Solver’s SOLVER Data Warehouse and pulled together GP Dynamics data, Campus-View data and HR data into one repository for financial and operational reporting.

Also implemented Solver’s SOLVERs budgeting and formatting, which allowed campus and regional managers to enter budgets and forecasts which were then consolidated in the Data Warehouse.

Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO)

Intelligent Medical Objects, Inc. (IMO) “bridges a gap” between medical professionals, insurance agencies, IT professionals and patients with software that translates medical text into language easily read and understood by a broader audience, while still preserving the text’s clinical intent.

When IMO approached Dynamic Enterprise Solutions, they were running separate, non-optimized, non-integrated installations of Microsoft Dynamic’s CRM and GP and they were manually tracking their deferred revenue from SAAS contracts in Microsoft Excel.

As IMO’s services are used by over 2,500 hospitals, 35,000 physicians and millions of insurance agencies, DES quickly corrected the poorly installed software and implemented Microsoft Dynamic GP’s Contract Administration module (part of GP’s Field Service Suite). Additionally, we:

  • ●  Created a custom integration between Microsoft CRM order management and Microsoft Dynamics GP Contract Administration to handle SAAS contract billing and revenue recognition, thus moving it off Microsoft Excel.
  • ●  Wrote custom SSRS reports to create a Predictive Revenue Model for SAAS billings.
  • ●  Employed ReqLogic software to track employee travel and expense costs, and to place controls over vendor invoicing and vendor requisition management.
  • ●  Implemented Dynamics GP Project Accounting to track detailed expenses associated with trade shows and events and their associated costs, comparing budgeted expenses to actual expenses.
  • ●  Completed an FRX replacement with Solver’s SOLVER Data Warehouse reporting which allowed IMO to layer operational reporting on top of their existing set of financial reports.

LRA Worldwide

LRA Worldwide is a 30+ year established Horsham, PA-based globally operated firm that provides its clients with customer experience measurements to distinguish their brand’s identity and expand their business.

Recognized as an AMA Gold Report Top-50 Firm company, LRA provides their clients—ARAMARK, BMW, Madison Square Garden, National Football League and Mandarin Hotel Group, among others—with industry-leading expertise on customer experience measurement solutions and strategies.

In 2009, in the midst of a failed Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation, LRA turned to Dynamic Enterprise Solutions to reevaluate and reconstruct their Microsoft Dynamics interface. Over the course of the following four years, between 2010 and 2014, LRA experienced an 89% business increase, supported by Dynamic Enterprise Solutions. Upon our arrival:

  • ●  DES immediately eliminated all unnecessary customizations
  • ●  Integrated ReqLogic™ with Microsoft Dynamics GP Project Accounting Module to track employee labor and travel and expense costs for customer satisfaction engagements, as well as tracking contractors’ labor and expense costs.
  • ●  Worked with the CFO and Controller to write an integration between payroll entries and Project Accounting Module to allocate labor costs across all projects.
  • ●  Oversaw a successful upgrade to the latest version of Dynamics GP in 2014.

Persante HealthCare

In March 2012, Persante Health Care, a leading provider of high quality sleep diagnostics, therapeutic solutions and balance testing was created after the merger of SleepCare Centers, Inc., SleepTech, LLC and Blackwood Medical, Inc.

After the merger Persante was operating outdated Peachtree software, and approached Dynamic Enterprise Solutions to implement an all-encompassing ERP solution to handle their hospital billing, site management, procurement inventory control and consolidations.

As the largest provider of outsourced sleep diagnostic services in the Northeast, they currently manage nearly-70 sleep programs and offer care programs that offer diagnosis and therapy to their patients.

Dynamic Enterprise Solutions updated Persante’s ERP software soon after the 2012 merger and implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP Core Financials, Project Accounting, Inventory Management and Purchasing; as well as Smart Connect and BI 360:

  • ●  DES worked with Persante’s senior financial managers to create a chart of accounts that enable Entity, Cost Center, and Consolidated Financial Reporting.
  • ●  Project Accounting was deployed to track Billings, Inventory Usage, Vendor Costs, and employee labor and to manage inventory and vendor costs across Persante’s 60+ sleep and balance diagnostic sites.
  • ●  SmartConnect from eOne Solutions was used to create integrations between Persante’s proprietary patient/site management system and Dynamic GP’s Project Accounting module to facilitate billings for sleep and balance diagnostic services, and to import timesheet data to allocate personnel labor hours and costs to sites.
  • ●  Employed Dynamics GP distribution series to procure and track site supply inventory.
  • ●  Implemented Solver’s SOLVER Data Warehouse to provide a consistent consolidated financial and operational picture across Persante’s multiple sleep and balance diagnostic entities.